Book Review: Deceive Me

Title: Deceive Me Author: Karen Cole  Release Date: July 1, 2019 Rating: 5 Stars I've read hundreds (possibly thousands) of thrillers/mysteries, and I've written several of them as well. In other words, it takes a lot for a thriller to truly shock me, but Deceive Me did exactly that. And I don't just mean in … Continue reading Book Review: Deceive Me

Book Review: The Boy in the Photo

  Title: The Boy in the Photo Author: Nicole Trope  Release Date: June 28, 2019 Rating: 5 Stars People say that losing a child is the worst thing any parent could experience. But what if your lost child finally returned home after six long years, only for your excitement to quickly turn to fear at … Continue reading Book Review: The Boy in the Photo

The Dead Girls Club (Book Review)

Title: The Dead Girls Club  Author: Damien Angelica Walters  Release Date: December 10, 2019 Genre: Horror/Thriller Rating: 5 Stars  Damien Angelica Walters is one of my favorite literary horror writers. In her latest book, The Dead Girls Club, Walters veers a bit more toward a standard horror thriller without losing the brilliant turns of a … Continue reading The Dead Girls Club (Book Review)

New Book Release! ARC readers say “I couldn’t put this book down.”

  It begins with a deceptive cry for help. Before it ends, a quiet Detroit suburb's illusion of safety will be shattered forever. From the award-winning, multi-genre author behind the highly lauded The Haunting of Cabin Green and the Alexa Bentley Paranormal Mysteries comes a terrifying psychological thriller that will make you double-check your locks and fear your neighbors. This book … Continue reading New Book Release! ARC readers say “I couldn’t put this book down.”