Reviews for Missing in Michigan: A Paranormal Mystery (Alexa Bentley Paranormal Mysteries Book One)

April A. Taylor e-book (1)

“Alexa (Alex) Bentley is the type of main character I love… the plot grabbed me and made me want to read on, while the lightheartedness made the story even more enjoyable… I couldn’t work out the solution to the mystery… this is a book I would be quite happy to read a second time.” –Long and Short Reviews, Orchid

“The story is fast-paced, the plot entertaining, the characters – in particular Alexa – are intriguing… this is a gripping read that fans of paranormal mysteries will certainly enjoy.” – I Heart Reading, Majanka

“I love it! I enjoy the writing… Its easy to read. The author’s voice is fresh and inviting! I was intrigued from beginning to end! Alex is my favorite new “ghost therapist” and “sleuth who sees dead people.” I honestly can’t wait till book 2!” – Goodreads User – 5 stars

“I love Alex! She’s the witty, sometimes snarky, definitely quirky best friend you didn’t know you needed. The story is fast paced, entertaining, and keeps you hooked. I highly recommend this book!” – Goodreads User – 5 stars

“This was a really great read… Liked the flow of the author’s writing, she kept things moving quickly, and not dragged on in the writing just to fill up space… Really have no complaints about book, other then it ended too quickly, lol. Enjoyable enough read that has me wanting to read the others in the series.” – Goodreads User – 5 stars 


Reviews for The Haunting of Cabin Green


“A spectacular read…absolutely gripping. I couldn’t force myself to put it down. Taylor did an excellent and meticulous job creating this story, forming imagery…invoking real emotion on the part of the reader.” – The Horror Report

“A breath of fresh air…instilling such a deep, feral fear of the unknown that Shirley Jackson would be proud. Taylor doesn’t pull any punches, and she refuses to play it safe, something that the horror genre could use a lot more of.” – Justin Hamelin (Mangled Matters), Rondo Hatton Award-Winning Horror Journalist

“April A. Taylor’s The Haunting of Cabin Green sucked me in from the first page… Taylor pulls the rug out from under her readers… a well-structured and integrated climax. I read this book in one sitting… fighting the urge to turn on all the lights.” – Connal Bain, Author of Blood Moon Fever

“Unique… the author depicts the grieving process amazingly well. The story is claustrophobic… and what an ending. All of the flashbacks and delusions suddenly make sense… [it’s a] sucker punch.” – Jennifer Turner,

“A literary treat… exceptionally written and beautifully descriptive… it is written so intelligently that the very plot may leave some who are not well versed in abstract twist endings confused and wanting… artistic, psychological… very progressive. A true modern horror classic.” – Amazon Reviewer – 5 Stars

Reviews for Vasilisa the Terrible: A Baba Yaga Story


“Beautifully Bewitching. I enjoyed this dark fairy tale immensely. It’s a fast-paced, captivating tale and the writing is exquisite. I’ll definitely be looking for more work from this author. Highly recommended!” – Amazon Customer – 5 stars

“A modern twist on an old fairytale, Vasilisa will not disappoint the reader. The momentum of the story increases as you read and draws right to the last page where you quickly wish it had not ended. It is very well written and creative and not like the many other books out there that have witches in them. ” – Amazon Customer – 5 stars

“A Fascinating Subversion of a Fairy Tale. Vasilisa the Terrible is a postmodern fairy tale well worth reading… I was enthralled. The story is like a witch’s spell drawing the reader in.” – Amazon Customer – 5 stars

“The novelette “Vasilisa the Terrible” is totally bewitching and an absolute joy to read! April Taylor’s descriptive writing makes you feel like you are right beside Baba Yaga.” – Amazon Customer – 5 stars 

“Entirely Enthralling. Loved this twist on a classic fairytale. Quite short but completely captivating and an easy read. Could not stop reading. Wish the author would do a follow-up sequel to this story.” – Customer – 5 stars