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April A. Taylor has been writing horror fiction since the age of eight. The Haunting of Cabin Green is her debut horror novel. This is a modern Gothic, upmarket horror story that contains some graphic gore, profanity, and sex. It also takes a close look at grief and depression. The Haunting of Cabin Green is intended for mature audiences only.

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Featured on Popsugar’s ‘13 Most Chilling Horror Books of 2018‘ List.
Featured on Inquisitr’s ‘Best Horror Books of 2018‘ List

“A spectacular read…absolutely gripping. I couldn’t force myself to put it down.” – The Horror Report


Welcome to Cabin Green, where the setting is familiar, but the story is completely unexpected. This original, terrifying psychological thriller is Dark Art Photographer April A. Taylor’s debut horror novel. Socially conscious, raw modern Gothic horror that reflects the world around us and takes a close look at the destructive nature of grief. Ideal for fans of raw horror shows/movies such as The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and Hereditary.

Going to Cabin Green alone after the death of his fiancée was Ben’s first mistake. His second mistake was tempting fate by saying, “There’s no such thing as an evil building.” Now he’s caught in a nightmare of his own making deep in the woods of Northern Michigan. Even worse, a family history of mental illness makes it impossible for him to know if the ghosts haunting the cabin are real or all in his head.

This modern Gothic horror story takes the reader directly into Ben’s hellish experience. Is he crazy? Is a ghost haunting him? The only way to find out is to make it to the end of this deep, dark thrill ride that’s filled with more twists than a roller coaster.


MOST CHILLING HORROR BOOKS OF 2018: Named one of the 13 Most Chilling Horror Books of 2018 by PopSugar.

BEST HORROR BOOKS OF 2018: Named one of the Best Horror Books of 2018 by Inquisitr

TOP VOTE GETTER: Best Horror/Suspense Category – The Kindle Book Review Reader’s Choice Awards 2018.

RUNNER-UP: Best Overall Book of 2018 – The Kindle Book Review Reader’s Choice Awards

SEMIFINALIST: The Kindle Rook Review’s 2018 Award for Best Horror/Suspense


Content Warning: This isn’t a Saw-type torture story, but it does contain gore, sex, profanity, and deeply disturbing psychological themes. This isn’t a fluffy horror story; it’s emblematic of the destructive, devastating nature of grief. Readers are taken directly into the main character’s experience, which means that feelings of confusion are normal and intentional. Until Ben knows what’s going on, readers won’t know, either! For mature readers only. 

The Haunting of Cabin Green was inspired by a real-life, spooky green cabin in Northern Michigan that’s so well-hidden it can’t be found by GPS! It also contains a disturbing section that was inspired by real-life events.

Reviews for The Haunting of Cabin Green


“A spectacular read…absolutely gripping. I couldn’t force myself to put it down. Taylor did an excellent and meticulous job creating this story, forming imagery…invoking real emotion on the part of the reader.” – The Horror Report

“A breath of fresh air…instilling such a deep, feral fear of the unknown that Shirley Jackson would be proud. Taylor doesn’t pull any punches, and she refuses to play it safe, something that the horror genre could use a lot more of.” – Justin Hamelin (Mangled Matters), Rondo Hatton Award-Winning Horror Journalist

“April A. Taylor’s The Haunting of Cabin Green sucked me in from the first page… Taylor pulls the rug out from under her readers… a well-structured and integrated climax. I read this book in one sitting… fighting the urge to turn on all the lights.” – Connal Bain, Author of Blood Moon Fever

“Unique… the author depicts the grieving process amazingly well. The story is claustrophobic… and what an ending. All of the flashbacks and delusions suddenly make sense… [it’s a] sucker punch.” – Jennifer Turner, HorrorTalk.com

“A literary treat… exceptionally written and beautifully descriptive… it is written so intelligently that the very plot may leave some who are not well versed in abstract twist endings confused and wanting… artistic, psychological… very progressive. A true modern horror classic.” – Amazon Reviewer



Ben reached out again, and his fingertips came into tentative contact with the alien object. The moisture in the air hadn’t seeped into its skin. His left fist covered his mouth to stop audible proof of his fear from escaping. At the same time, he increased the pressure of his right fingers in a bid to figure out what – or who – had gotten in his way. A crumbling sensation sent shock waves throughout his body. He managed to hold on long enough for a small sliver of something unknown to drop into his palm…