If You Think Your Book Reviews Don’t Matter, You’re Wrong :)

Importance of Book Reviews

If you’ve ever wondered if your book reviews truly matter, I’m here to tell you that they absolutely do. Whether you post a long, in-depth analysis of a book or merely say a few words (or even just post a star rating — which you can now do on Amazon!), your feedback is invaluable to authors and other readers. In fact, Amazon’s algorithms heavily favor books that have lots of reviews. So, if you enjoyed a book, the very best way to say thank you is with a review or a rating. And while we’re on this topic…

The Impact of Your Book Reviews

Every book review is special. Yes, even those from people who don’t like my books. 🙂 The fact that someone took one of my books into their hands, read it, and felt the urge to speak their mind about it is both humbling and wonderful.

But every so often, a review like the following comes through. And it’s almost as if the reader could somehow see past the pages and into my mind. Reading this review (three months late, apparently) was beyond rewarding. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and interpretations with me (and every other author you’ve reviewed).

Every reader has the opportunity to make an author’s day and to help other readers find books they’ll enjoy. That’s a very powerful thing indeed.

The Haunting of Cabin Green Review

The Haunting of Cabin Green ReviewThe Haunting of Cabin Green Review

If you’ve read and enjoyed The Haunting of Cabin Green, please take a few minutes to review it. If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy today!

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