FreakShow & Tell: An Impressive One-Man Show

FreakShow & Tell Review

I’ve seen a few freak shows over the years, but none of them were anything like the performance put on by Thom Britton. His one-man show, FreakShow & Tell, doesn’t go out of its way to try to gross you out. Instead, it brings the magical mystery of the freak show to life for a more erudite audience.

FreakShow & Tell Review

Just like with Britton’s other show, The Seance, ticket holders are treated to an actual explanation of the science and history behind many of the seemingly impossible feats that are performed on stage. FreakShow & Tell begins with an in-depth examination of fire eating, including the key ingredient that makes it possible.

Once the audience has a basic grasp on the science, Britton kicks things into high gear with a few fire-eating demonstrations. Knowing how these stunning visuals are accomplished in no way makes them any less awe-inspiring. If anything, being disabused of the notion that it’s all some type of trick makes Britton’s willingness to eat and breathe fire for your amusement feel even more exciting — and dangerous.

Of course, there’s much more to a freak show than eating fire. Britton continues to deliver by sticking nails into his body, stomping on broken glass, and bringing an LED light to life by conducting electricity through his body. All the while, you’ll continue to learn about the history associated with each part of the act, including Nikola Tesla’s public battle with Thomas Edison.

By the grand finale — which is way too impressive to even hint at here — you’ll be floored by Britton’s showmanship, confidence, and abilities. I highly recommend putting aside your preconceived notions about freak shows so that you can enjoy a very entertaining evening that’s ripped from the history pages.

NOTE: FreakShow & Tell is for adults only. There’s no nudity, but there is profanity and lots of sexual humor.

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