Latest Review: The Haunting of Cabin Green

The Haunting of Cabin Green was a novel that instantly caught my attention and from the very first page I could tell I was in for a literary treat. Exceptionally written and beautifully descriptive you will find yourself inside the Cabin Green in no time. The author does a wonderful job of pulling you in and keeping you hooked. I literally couldn’t put it down, and I finished it the same day I started. Eerie and filled with angst you are in for a journey like no other, a true psychedelic horror experience that will leave you wanting more. It is written so intelligently that the very plot may leave some who are not well versed in abstract twist endings confused and wanting. Fans of films like The Secret Window or perhaps The Black Swan would enjoy the artistic psychological nature of the book that makes you question the main characters sanity up until the very end when all is revealed. I enjoyed a lot of the social aspects of the novel and found it to be very progressive and with the times as well. A true modern horror classic in the making, I’d suggest it to anyone! Can’t wait to read the authors new title Missing in Michigan which I’m sure will meet every expectation I have for a well written book! Posted to Amazon and pending approval! Check this book out today! #goth #gore #blood #horrorfan #love #horrorjunkie #fact #horror #supernatural #horroraddict #murder #terror #creepypasta #evil #book #indieauthor #paranormal #ghost #haunted #scarystory #demon #novel #review #horrorstory #serialkiller #horrorgirl #fear #devil #horrorwriter #bookreview

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