Vasilisa the Terrible: A Baba Yaga Story


Available now in the Kindle store – Vasilisa the Terrible: A Baba Yaga Story. This is my first Kindle Short Reads book. It’s also book one of the Midnight Myths and Fairy Tales series.

This reimagining of the classic Russian fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful looks at what might have happened if Vasilisa was actually the villain and Baba Yaga was ostracized for daring to be a strong, independent woman.

Get your copy today for only $1.29! Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read this book for free!

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! The Kindle Reading App makes this book available on almost any mobile device. You can also read Kindle books via your laptop or desktop browser.

REVIEWER NOTE: Do you run a book review blog? Contact me for a free reviewer copy!

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