Hunt a Killer Brings Horror Subscription Boxes to a New Level 

Horror subscription boxes are a viable way for horror lovers to get a nice variety of items, ranging from toys to t-shirts. Despite this, there’s rarely anything truly exciting in these boxes (aside from a few exclusives and, in one of my personal experiences, the stunning artwork of Lee Howard).

Fortunately, Hunt a Killer offers something that goes well beyond the typical subscription box. Think of this service as being more like a combination of CSI and an escape room that comes with a nice Hannibal Lecter twist.

In a nutshell, each box contains clues that are meant to help you figure out who the killer is and what they’ve done. I’ve received the first two boxes and am pleased to report that they contain lovingly detailed, high quality items that are very engaging.

This subscription service isn’t for everyone. If you need an answer immediately and want every item to have an alternate, real-life practical purpose, you’re out of luck. However, if you enjoy some mystery and want to pour over seemingly innocuous clues as if you were a real homicide detective, then Hunt a Killer should be right up your alley.

I recommend Hunt a Killer for true crime and horror lovers who have the time, patience, energy and money required to commit to a monthly faux murder investigation.

It definitely sucked me in, and I loved going over the clues with my partner-in-crime (solving). If you’re not expecting something flashy, fast and overly obvious, there’s truly a lot to love about Hunt a Killer. Can you catch a killer?

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